My Bloody Sunday

“My Bloody Sunday” is a three part Podcast series. In the winter of 2021/22 Deirdre Brennan – undertook a project to mark the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday. A day when 13 unarmed civil rights demonstrators were shot dead by members of the British Parachute Regiment in Derry. The project was initially a photographic project taking portraits of the relatives but expanded to incorporate recording a number of interviews whilst taking their portraits.

The interviews include the relatives, those who tended the injured, photographers and journalists. They recount the events of that fateful day 51 years ago. Over the last few months I have pieced them into a three podcast series.

Episode 1 The day of the march.

Episode 2 The aftermath, the wakes and the funerals.

Episode 3 The search for justice

The responses from the family members are the most satisfying part of the completion of the works. When you are dealing with such sensitive issues surrounding the loss of their loved ones it is always a worry about how it will be received. To hear feedback that it was “outstanding”, a “powerful and emotional telling of their stories in a novel way” and that “it is a valuable archival document in accurately telling the tragedy of Bloody Sunday to future generations” makes both Deirdre and myself very proud.

The families are hoping for it to have a permanent home in Derry in the future. Thank you to those who shared their stories. I hope we have faithfully and honestly pieced them together. Thank you to Deirdre for having faith in me to arrange this most sensitive material. We hope you find the content interesting and informative.

Photo credit (C) William L. Rukeyser

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