An independent studio complex since 2019

Artist Studios

The space is comprised of four solo studios and one hot desk in an open plan configuration within a Georgian building in Dublin’s city centre. When designing the studios having access to natural light was uppermost in our thoughts. The large south facing Georgian windows combined with daylight bulbs gives a natural balanced light source. Central Heating makes the space an inviting place to work in winter.

Audio Lab

Our Audio studio was designed as a multi purpose space. Predominantly designed to cater for Music Production, Film editing, Film scoring, Podcasting, ADR, Voice over, Audio editing and mixing. The studio fitted with Toshiba Air Conditioning houses an array of synths, drum machines, controllers, samplers and effects units to satisfy your sonic explorations.


Established by Barry Connolly in 2019. Plexa was born out of a growing lack of facilities for creatives in Dublin and a desire to build a flourishing creative community. We cater for a range of creatives and have hosted Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Fine artists, Photographers, Jewellery Makers amongst others.